Equip your Gym with a Magnetic Resistance Bicycle Trainer

Home cardio equipment such as magnetic resistance bicycle trainer is a must-have among your other gym equipment. Besides relaxation, they also have a bunch of health benefits and that’s why you cannot afford to miss one. There are four types of resistance in various cardio equipment, but the most common ones are friction and magnetic.

The friction resistance uses the brake pads similar to the real bike, which comes into direct contact with the flywheel as you increase the resistance. This causes them to wear over time and requires maintenance to keep it working properly. Also, because the parts keep on rubbing each other it tends to make noise which is very disturbing during the workout. On the other hand, the magnetic resistance flywheel parts never touch, creating a silent, frictionless resistance force, thus making it the most preferred.

Magnetic resistance bicycle trainer offers quiet and smooth operation and thus you can exercise any time even at night without disturbing the sleeping folks, it is reliable and money saving as no or little maintenance is required, has a wide range of resistance settings to make your workout more challenging over time. Buy one and experience whole lot of difference in your workout.